The Marvelwood School partners with Brook Run Farm to offer horseback riding as an afternoon activity.

The program consists of lessons five days per week, Monday through Friday. The program is designed for the beginner to the most advanced rider in both English and Western disciplines with a focus on Hunter/Jumper, Reining and Horse Management. Students are also given the opportunity to show at local and A-rated horse shows, as well as participate in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. Students can either bring their own horses or ride one of Brook Run Farm’s seasoned competition horses.

Riding Levels

Beginner: Students with little/minimal riding experience

Novice: Knowledge of walk, trot, canter and small jumps

Intermediate: Students who ride on a consistent basis with knowledge of proper horse care

Advanced: Students who have been riding consistently for years



Brook Run Farm is an all-weather facility with a 60x120 foot lit indoor riding arena with a viewing room and a 100x200 foot outdoor riding ring with horse show quality jumps. It is a safe environment for students to master the fundamentals of equestrian disciplines throughout the school year – fall, winter, and spring terms.


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