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The Academic and Leadership Summer Program recognizes that each student walks a unique path towards success, one that is not always easily recognized in traditional teaching environments.


About the Program

Our mission for the Summer Program is to instill confidence within students while helping them achieve academic growth.

The Marvelwod Summer Program prepares students for the rigors of all levels of high school. As learners, each student walks a unique path towards academic success, one that is not always easily recognized in traditional school environments. Our program provides opportunities for all learners in a secure, supportive, and challenging environment. Our curriculum is progressive at all levels, embracing new learning resources in small classes that require participation. Creative classroom instruction, projects, real-world experiences through Community Service, and adventure-driven afternoon sessions give participants a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their talents. Participants in the Summer Program return to their schools with a strong sense of accomplishment, strategies for continued success, and a sense of confidence and comfort in the classroom.

Academic Offerings

Academic classes are small by design with an anticipated ratio of 6:1. The academics focus on English, math and grade appropriate standard test preparations (SSAT, PSAT, SAT and TOEFL) as well as English as a Second Language (ESL). There is also an all school Reading and Journal period every academic day. The entire school will read one common book but all students should bring their home school summer reading as well. Make-up credit can be offered for certain classes by special arrangement. All courses incorporate Study Skills into the daily work of the class. The English courses will emphasize writing, organization, reading comprehension, test preparation skills and note taking. Specific objectives can be included when a student’s academic plan is written.

The Outdoor Program

Marvelwood's Summer Leadership Program incorporates experiential, outdoor education classes with intense, challenge-by-choice workshops to help all students develop and improve their communication, teamwork and social skills. Our 80+ acre campus is located on the summit of Skiff Mountain, a prime location for hiking on the neighboring Appalachian Trail, paddling down and navigating rapids on the Housatonic River or rock climbing at neighboring St. John's Ledges. But these are only a handful of the activities available to us. Day hikes, overnight backpacking trips through the Berkshires, classes on primitive living and survival skills, wilderness first-aid training, and fishing just to name a few.

At Marvelwood we take advantage of the stunning beauty and natural resources that surround the campus and use it as an outdoor classroom. Regardless of your experience, skill or comfort level in any of the activities we offer, our experienced, patient and well-trained staff will work with you to ensure that you develop or improve your own, personal communication skills, develop a better sense of how to effectively work with others and ultimately to become the best possible leader you can be.

Community Service

From the very start in 1956 when Robert Bodkin first opened Marvelwood's doors students have been actively and regularly participating in active community service. We continue this program throughout the summer by dedicating one day per week to spending an afternoon engaged in volunteer activities in the local community. Maintaining local hiking trails, visiting the elderly, working with local day cares to name a few. Now it's not all hard work! Often times our volunteer sessions end with barbecues and beach parties where we'll build sand castles with local children, or we may spend an evening preparing and enjoying a nice meal with our local elderly population. Here at Marvelwood we recognize how good it makes us feel when we give back, and we hope to instill that same sentiment in our students.

Our Teachers

Marvelwood Summer Faculty is comprised of year-round teachers with over 100 years of combined teaching experience. Most of the teachers live on campus throughout the entire program and are accessible on a daily basis. A high degree of personal involvement with their students enables teachers to write detailed reports to parents at the end of each week. Since our Summer faculty work at Marvelwood during the regular school-year, they are well-versed in project based learning and implementing a hands on approach while teaching.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Summer Program offers an exciting opportunity for international students to study English in the United States in an English immersion program. Learning English involves more than books, worksheets and computer programs; it is about participation and experience. Our teaching staff is skilled, creative, optimistic and enthusiastic about helping international students to improve their English-language skills. The classroom experience is interactive and enjoyable, and the faculty are adept at motivating even the shyest student to get involved in a supportive and friendly environment. The afternoon activities allow for language practice in an English-only environment and expose international students to a wealth of cultural experiences.

Students enrolling in our ESL program will take a full morning of ESL courses, including grammar, writing, and conversation. All ESL students take placement tests at the beginning of the program and will perform an oral presentation at the end. Students whose English Speaking and writing skills are strong enough may elect to be placed in mainstream courses. TOEFL preparation is also available.

Tuition (all-inclusive)

    • Domestic: $5000
    • International: $5250

About Marvelwood

The 83-acre Marvelwood campus sits atop Skiff Mountain, in the foothills of the Berkshires, surrounded by thousands of acres of protected woodland. Our rural location provides an environment perfectly suited for focused academic effort amid a great variety of natural resources. Hiking trails, ponds, wetlands, rock faces, and wildlife are in great abundance, making our setting ideal for outdoor adventure and scientific exploration. The town of Kent, located at the foot of the mountain along the banks of the Housatonic River, offers unique shops, art galleries, a variety of restaurants, and lodging.

The Marvelwood School is conveniently located within two hours of JFK, LaGuardia, and Bradley Airports and minutes away from the Metro-North railroad line which originates at Grand Central Station. Ground transportation to and from the School is arranged by the Summer Program.