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What Parents Have to Say

Virginia Cameron, Mother of Sarah '17 and Belle '18

We could not have asked for a more supportive environment for our daughters. Our younger daughter is very shy, and struggled with making friends in public school. She was uncomfortable speaking up in class, which her teachers saw as not participating and was reflected in her grades. Her academic confidence was very low. Once she started at Marvelwood, things changed dramatically; she made friends and was elected to the student council as a sophomore. For the first time in several years, she actually started raising her hand and participating in class. In her senior year, Belle was selected to be a delegate to the Round Square International Conference in South Africa, and participated in the Panama Trip. Our older daughter, Sarah, was enrolled in AP US History and Calculus, and represented Marvelwood at the Yale Model United Nations. They both enjoyed participating in the Princess Tea Party fundraiser. Our daughters are very different, but both girls have been appropriately challenged and engaged, and thrived at Marvelwood. Sarah is at UMass Amherst, and Belle is deciding from a number of college acceptances where she will matriculate.

Johanna Walton, Mother of Sabrina, '14

Excerpts from a Letter to the Editor, Lakeville Journal, February 2014:

We have been overwhelmed by the caliber of faculty, administration, staff and studenty body, alike. Their level of expertise, compassion and commitment to their students and respective families is truly extraordinary.

The Marvelwood School faculty, administration and staff have their fingers on the pulse of every individual student in their charge. Further, every student is visible, respected and celebrated. My daughter and I could not be more grateful that we have been blessed with the privilege of being part of such a remarkable community atop Skiff Mountain.

Sabrina is graduating from St. Lawrence University in May, 2018

Shelley Lounsbury, Mother of Ray '14

Marvelwood embraced Ray, validated him and really helped him develop his skills and sense of self. It's been about allowing him to unfold, open and learn to broaden his experience and understanding in a small, nurturing environment. it's been about developing his academic skills and deepending his knowledge, but also very critical, improving his social understanding, and giving him experiences which allow him to increase his independence.

Ray graduated with an associated degree from Landmark College and studied Aviation Flight Management at Lewis University. He now works in the aeronautics field.

Frank Moore, Father of Andrew '14

Andrew blossomed at Marvelwood; he become a wonderful student, proud of his achievements, and most capable. He grew from needing daily assistance in the strategies program to an honor student taking AP US history and Honors Chemistry and Math last year and 3 AP classes this his senior year… There is no doubt in my mind that Marvelwood is the reason. It is a very special place where the teachers and staff care deeply about the children, and foster a relationship that helps them grow into the students and leaders they can and should be.

Andrew was a Dorm Prefect, captain of the Ultimate Frisbee and this year's Wrestling team. None of this would have happened in the public schools. Thanks in no small part to Marvelwood, he was prepared for college, and had some excellent choices (Lafayette and Lehigh to name a couple). We never would have imagined his growth would have led him so far.

Andrew is at Clarkson University studying business. He continues to play ultimate Frisbee, and will graduate in May, 2018.

Tracy Lowry, Mother of Spencer '14

Marvelwood is unique in its approach to recognizing and celebrating each child. It is a nurturing and accepting family-community like no other. When a child is motivated to do the work, they will become prepared for life on a college campus. It is an environment in which a student is given the freedom to make mistakes in order to have grown from that experience. The faculty are always aware and always watching but they prefer to see the student self-advocate by working through problems on their own to develop decision-making and judgment skills. The school keeps students in a small mainstream classroom environment. A separate needs-based support program is offered as part of every school day, without any stigma. Marvelwood is not a wealthy school and doesn't have the fancy facilities you'll see at other schools, but the faculty are the most hard working, nurturing, and dedicated group of individuals you'll ever meet. I'm a huge fan.

Spencer will graduate from Skidmore College in May 2018, where he is double majoring in business and computer science.

Jacque Connor, Mother of Will '12

We are Americans who have been living in Hong Kong for 23 years. We raised three son's in Hong Kong, but when our eldest was in the 6th grade, it became apparent that the International school he was in would not be able to continue giving him the academic support he needed to be successful. He attend the Hillside School, a junior boarding school in Massachusetts, which was a hugely positive experience for him.
Will is challenged academically so the schools we choose to consider after Hillside were very specific: only small schools with a high degree of support. We looked at a few great little schools. but once we visited Marvelwood, our son wanted to look no further. At that time I wasn't sure why, but he said as we walked to the car, "This is it...I want to go to school here". Thankfully we went with his gut feeling, as it turned out to be the best 3 years of Will's life thus far. Not only did Will get the best academic support we could have asked for, but he found a second home.

Our boys have all ended up attending boarding school is the United States, as well as Switzerland, and I can say with all honesty that the faculty and staff at Marvelwood are the most caring and loving group of people I have yet to run across. I NEVER felt like I was out of touch with what was going on with Will; someone was always dropping us a note or sending a photo. Will was also able to form some of the best friendships he has ever had. Even while at Curry College in Massachusetts, he communicated regularly with several of his Marvelwood friends, many of whom are faculty members. Will even keeps in contact with the headmaster Art Goodearl! (one of the BEST headmasters in the business by the way, and we've known more than a few!). I know this is one of the biggest decisions that a family will make, and experiences can vary depending on the student, but I have no worries recommending Marvelwood.

Will graduated from Curry College and now works at Hillside School.