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A learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your individual style. Imagine a supportive community of students and teachers where you'll tackle exciting challenges and discover passions that will change your life.

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Welcome to Marvelwood!

Marvelwood is a place where you will nurture your present interests and find passionate new ones. What sets Marvelwood apart? Our location is the first thing. Our campus is perched at the peak of a beautiful mountaintop. We have 80 pristine acres and use these to the fullest extent. What else sets Marvelwood apart? The way we teach. You will not just be taught ornithology; you will be outside, banding birds. You will be socializing future service dogs by working with puppies. You could even be going to the Panamanian rain forest on a bi-annual trip that combines community service and environmental science. You could be part of the model UN. You will be doing.

Personal discovery and choice is what Marvelwood is about. Choice. Choose a school that celebrates you. Choose a faculty single-mindedly dedicated to your success. Choose a community where you will want to get involved. Teachers are more than educators at Marvelwood, they are advisors, coaches, friends. High School should be about discovery, stretching your limits. You have to be confident to do that and Marvelwood will give you that confidence. Choose it.

Marvelwood has 140 students. You will get to know everyone and you will also play an important part in the daily life of the school. Your individuality will be celebrated and you will enjoy the warmth and support of a close knit community.

I invite you to browse our website and to plan a visit. I promise you will not be disappointed. Our Admission team , our faculty, and most of all, our students will welcome you. Find out for yourself. Choose Marvelwood!

Katherine Almquist
Director of Admission



The Marvelwood School is currently accepting applications for students entering grades 9-PG.

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Marvelwood is a proud member of Round Square, an association of over 180 schools on 5 continents which share a commitment to personal growth and responsibility through service, adventure, leadership, and international understanding.

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