Marvelwood is pleased to announce the creation of the Marvelwood International Academy, a fully online curriculum and program for international students.

A small team of Marvelwood teachers will be deployed to conduct a challenging and engaging set of classes in the core academic disciplines (English, history, mathematics, and science), relying on Zoom, Skype, and/or other online platforms for delivery.  These core academic classes will take place between 7:15 and 11:20 am (in the morning in the US; in the evening in Asia) and possibly during evening hours here in the US (early morning hours overseas).  Students would take between 4-5 classes each weekday.  They may also choose to pursue their arts-related interests or passions by taking music or art classes at home.  Marvelwood can add credit for these electives to students’ transcripts if formal progress or grade reports can be provided to us by the instructors.

Alternatively, our International Academy teaching team can provide curriculum and some support for students who may be attending brick-and-mortar tutorial programs at home but who intend to return to Marvelwood as travel and visa restrictions are lifted. 

The Marvelwood International Academy is intended to provide a customized academic experience while still including international students in our traditional programming and community-building activities as much and as actively as possible.  International Academy students will generally be expected to participate in required co-curricular programs including at-home community service and physical fitness activities.  They will also be asked to join meetings as required for other students (advisory, for example) as long as they fall during their waking hours, and will be encouraged to participate in dorm meetings, House meetings, and virtual evening and weekend events.  Until these students can join us in person on campus, we will strive to create meaningful connections and make them feel that they are valued members of the Marvelwood community.

The International Academy is intended to meet students’ needs until such time as arrangements can be made for them to attend school in person on the Marvelwood campus.  We expect that our international students will strive to return to the US and join us on campus as soon as they are able.  Prorated rebates of room and board fees will be made based on the amount of time that travel and/or visa limitations restrict students from coming back to school.

For more information, please contact:

Maureen Smith, Director of Admission
860-927-0047 ext 1011

Meet the Marvelwood International Academy Coordinators

Marie Gold

Marie Gold

Dean of Faculty, ESL Department Chair, World Languages Department Chair, International Student Coordinator
Grace Lin Ph.D., P'20

Grace Lin Ph.D., P'20

Chinese Family Liaison