What Parents Have to Say

Amelia Marshall '20

Our daughter's wings are no longer clipped. We are so grateful for Marvelwood School’s faculty and students’ acceptance and appreciation of the special gifts, talents, and intelligence of my daughter, Amelia. 

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Anthony Guntert '19

Making the decision to send our son, Anthony, to Marvelwood was by far the best decision that we have ever made regarding his education.

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Andrew Moore '14

Thanks in no small part to Marvelwood, he was prepared for college and had some excellent choices. We never would have imagined his growth would have led him so far.

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Will Connor '12

Our boys have all ended up attending boarding school in the United States, as well as Switzerland, and I can say with all honesty that the faculty and staff at Marvelwood are the most caring and loving group of people I have yet to run across.

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