Chip and Jacque Connor P'12

Hong Kong

We are Americans who have been living in Hong Kong for 23 years.  We raised three sons in Hong Kong, but when our eldest was in the 6th grade, it became apparent that the International school he was in would not be able to continue giving him the academic support he needed to be successful.  Will attended the Hillside School, a junior boarding school in Massachusetts, which was a hugely positive experience for him.  Will is challenged academically so the schools we choose to consider after Hillside were very specific: only small schools with a high degree of support.  We looked at a few great small schools. but once we visited Marvelwood, Will wanted to look no further.  At that time I wasn't sure why, but he said as we walked to the car,  "This is it...I want to go to school here".  Thankfully, we went with his gut feeling, as it turned out to be the best three years of Will's life thus far.  Not only did Will get the best academic support we could have asked for, but he found a second home.

Our boys have all ended up attending boarding school in the United States, as well as Switzerland, and I can say with all honesty that the faculty and staff at Marvelwood are the most caring and loving group of people I have yet to run across.  I NEVER felt like I was out of touch with what was going on with Will; someone was always dropping us a note or sending a photo.  Will was also able to form some of the best friendships he has ever had. Even while at Curry College in Massachusetts, he communicated regularly with several of his Marvelwood friends, many of whom are faculty members.  Will even keeps in contact with the headmaster Art Goodearl! (one of the BEST headmasters in the business by the way, and we've known more than a few!).  I know this is one of the biggest decisions that a family will make, and experiences can vary depending on the student, but I have no worries recommending Marvelwood.


Will participated in the annual Panama Trip (right).  He graduated from Curry College and now works at Hillside School.