Gordon and Virginia Cameron P'17, '18

Marlborough, CT

We could not have asked for a more supportive environment for our daughters.  Our younger daughter, Belle, is very shy and struggled with making friends in public school.  She was uncomfortable speaking up in class, which her teachers saw as not participating and was reflected in her grades. Her academic confidence was very low.  Once she started at Marvelwood, things changed dramatically; she made friends and was elected to the student council as a sophomore.  For the first time in several years, she actually started raising her hand and participating in class.  In her senior year, Belle was selected to be a delegate to the Round Square International Conference in South Africa and participated in the Panama Trip.  Our older daughter, Sarah, was enrolled in AP US History and Calculus and represented Marvelwood at the Yale Model United Nations. They both enjoyed participating in the Princess Tea Party fundraiser.  Our daughters are very different, but both girls were appropriately challenged and engaged and thrived at Marvelwood.


Belle '18 (top) at the Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama, is at Florida Southern University, and Sarah '17 (right) at the Princess Tea Party, is at UMass Amherst.