Mark Marshall and Silloo Peters-Marshall P'20

Lakeville, CT

Our daughter's wings are no longer clipped.  We are so grateful for Marvelwood School’s faculty and students’ acceptance and appreciation of the special gifts, talents, and intelligence of my daughter, Amelia.  Finally, she is able to spread her wings and show all that she can be.  Marvelwood’s warm, friendly, and nurturing environment has allowed her to dare to explore beyond our wildest dreams. The once shy, reserved Amelia is no longer, and she looks forward to singing in the monthly ‘Music on the Mountain’.  She now has the audacity to get up on stage and act in a play, she has a ‘friend group’, and actually has fun and relishes every school day.  She amazes us often as she gracefully soars to new heights. We are so grateful that she had three years for her potential to come to fruition.  Thank you, Marvelwood, from the bottom of our hearts for all the magic you do for our teenagers.


Amelia was a Delegate to the Round Square Big Build Project in Ecuador in July 2018.