David Rule and Maureen Rule P'20

Amenia, NY

Marvelwood has an effective, experienced learning support team for students with all learning styles.  Through a partnership with the former Kildonan School, Marvelwood is now offering more support for dyslexic students using Orton Gillingham, a proven method that really saved my son from being a nonreader at age seven, and helped him to develop into an interested, grade level reader. It works. 

Having been educated at Kildonan with years of Orton Gillingham support, when the School closed its doors our son transitioned to Marvelwood for his senior year. The transition was seamless. In just a couple of weeks, teachers understood Amadeus’ learning style and made accommodations as necessary. They were open to suggestions from his learning support tutor and available to him for extra instructions. These teachers are passionate about their subject, engaging in teaching style (even remotely), and insightful in how to differentiate. His learning support tutor really understood him and made every lesson accessible to him. It was his best high school year.  Sadly, he only had a year at Marvelwood, but I encourage others to send their student there if a small school community, individual attention, great teachers, and effective learning support is what you are looking for. The enhanced Orton Gillingham support is extra icing on an already great cake

Amadeus '20 was the recipient of the esteemed Ronshaugen Community Service Cup at Prize Day