Marvelwood Town Scholarship 2021

The Marvelwood School is pleased to announce Terra McGurk ‘25 as the recipient of their 2021 Town Scholarship.  As the winner of this prestigious merit-based award, Terra will receive a full scholarship to attend Marvelwood as a day student. 

The Town Scholarship is available to a new rising freshman or sophomore day student. Selection is based on the candidate’s potential to contribute to and benefit from the Marvelwood experience.  Town Scholars are expected to demonstrate good citizenship and solid academic progress throughout their Marvelwood careers. The award is renewable annually.

A total of six students applied for the Town Scholarship. Candidates came from three towns -- Kent, Sharon, and Washington  -- and three different schools:  Kent Center School, Sharon Center School, and Washington Montessori. 

Terra lives in Kent and is in the 8th grade at Kent Center School.  Her family was thrilled to receive the news.  Her mother, Kelly, said she knew Marvelwood was the right fit after their tour when Terra said, “All of the other schools we’ve seen were nice, but here at Marvelwood, I feel like I belong. I really see myself as a “Terra”-dactyl.”   Terra appreciates that Marvelwood has challenging academics but is small enough that she can get individual support from her teachers.  She is looking forward to participating in Marvelwood’s programs that involve animals- riding, ornithology, and volunteering at an animal shelter as part of weekly Community Service, and is excited to pursue her interests in art, music, and gardening.  Marvelwood is thrilled to welcome Terra and her family to the Pterodactyl community! 

Each of the applicants is commended for their hard work and exemplary citizenship.  For more information about the Town Scholarship, please contact the Office of Admission: 860-927-0047 ext 1011.