International Students

Welcoming students from around the nation and around the world, and teachers of various cultures and experiences, Marvelwood brings together a richly diverse group of people to live and grow in a diverse environment. Within this community, all of our students learn together through competing, sharing perspectives, and experiencing new activities. They are no longer going to school with only the “kids from their neighborhood” – instead, they are meeting and maturing with students from all neighborhoods.

The world at once becomes a larger and smaller place for everyone here – you can have breakfast with a friend from England, debate in class with a student from Mexico, compete side-by-side with a teammate from China, and study with a friend from across the United States. Our diversity enriches today’s school environment and prepares students to enter the truly global community that is their future.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Marvelwood's ESL program is designed to help international students gain fluency in all areas of language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These skills are essential for the students to succeed in the mainstream program. Courses offer small class size and are student-centered, utilizing an approach that includes pair work, group work and oral presentations.

Marvelwood is certified as a TOEFL testing center.

To be considered for admission, all students for whom English is not a first language are required to submit scores from the SSAT or the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

About our Program

  • We do not charge an international fee; all services are included.
  • During short breaks, international students may remain on campus with faculty supervision.
  • During the Long-Weekend Break in February, a trip to Disney is offered!
  • During longer breaks (Winter and Spring), students may not remain on campus.

For additional information on our International Student Services, please contact our Office of Admission at 800.440.9107.

Chinese Language Blog

Grace Lin, Ph.D., P'20

Math and Physics Teacher
Chinese Family Liaison

Dr. Lin received her Ph.D from Purdue University; At Marvelwood, she teaches AP Physics and AP Calculus. In addition to her faculty duties, Dr. Lin acts as the liaison between Marvelwood and its Chinese families. She also led a group of Chinese students in community service writing a Chinese Language Blog to keep parents in touch with their children's experiences at Marvelwood. Parents of current students, former students, and prospective students are well come to contact Dr. Lin with any questions.