Imagine a place of possibility...

A learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your individual style. Imagine a supportive community of students and teachers where you'll tackle exciting challenges and discover passions that will change your life.

Building Confidence – Changing Lives

What does success look like? 
It looks like Marvelwood.

Marvelwood students want to achieve. And because they are surrounded by peers with a matched level of grit; and teachers with an unfathomable commitment to their success, they do. The transformations we see from the time our students arrive—to when they graduate—are nothing less than astounding. The source of this success? Resilience. What calls for future success? Resilience. Our students graduate with enduring courage, compassion, and confidence for their futures ahead. 

Admission Process

The Marvelwood School is currently accepting applications for students entering grades 9-PG. If you are interested in Marvelwood, we will do our best to accommodate you no matter the time of year.

  1. Request information: Please fill out an inquiry form
  2. Campus visit: Please contact the Admission Office (860-927-0047 ext 1011) to set up an appointment for an interview and campus visit. 
  3. Apply: To be considered for admission to Marvelwood, please apply online. Dates and deadlines can be reviewed here. If you cannot apply online, contact the Admission Office for a downloadable application.
  4. Testing: Students applying for grades 9, 10 or 11 should take either the SSAT or PSAT. Applicants for grade 12 or for a post-graduate (PG) year must take the SAT as part of the admission process. SSAT, PSAT or SAT scores may be waived if other testing is submitted.
  5. International Students: All students for whom English is not a first language are required to submit scores from the SSAT or the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
  6. Revisit: Following an on-campus interview or attendance at Preview Day, prospective students are invited to return to campus for a customized Revisit/ Shadow Day. Would you like to sit in on a cool elective like Harry Potter & Philosophy or get out in the field with Conservation Biology? How about Film Studies, Lego Robotics, or Song Writing? Do you want to see what a high school level English or mathematics class is like? You're invited to join us for a day to get to know us better and hopefully, see yourself at Marvelwood!

Please contact the Admission Office (860-927-0047 ext 1011) for more information or to make an appointment.



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