IDEAS: Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Action Seminars

Marvelwood School prides itself on being a community that values and celebrates diversity as essential to the experience of our students and staff, and where no form of racial or cultural discrimination is tolerated.  During the interim period between Thanksgiving and the winter break, students and faculty dedicate significant time to IDEAS -- Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Action Seminars -- embracing this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to important values of cooperation, courage, responsibility, empathy, self-control, and kindness.  We embrace and respect differences as we prepare our students to become informed, empowered citizens of an increasingly diverse and challenging world. We also seek to build and support a school-wide effort to ensure that we are consistently reviewing and improving our school culture and community for all of our members while reaffirming Marvelwood’s pledge to celebrate diversity and inclusion through education and action.  


  • Defining Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
  • Systems of oppression
  • Systemic racism / White privilege
  • Microaggressions 
  • Tone policing 
  • LGBTQ+ 
  • Sexual Harassment 
  • Reclaiming words 
  • Identities 
  • How can I make a difference? Ways of creating an inclusive community at Marvelwood and beyond. 


  • 10 groups of faculty and students
  • One trained facilitator in each group
  • One CASA member in each group
  • Daily topical and guided group discussion
  • Daily journaling
  • Final project: reflection piece


  • Alumni Panel
  • Speakers
  • Video presentations