Special Programs

There are many things that make Marvelwood a unique and engaging academic environment, including experiential learning. Active, hands-on involvement in education translates to better focus, more effective retention, a stronger desire to master concepts, and an appreciation for how their work in school applies to the real world. Our Special Programs are what truly set us apart from other schools.

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Capstone is a year-long elective project for juniors to explore a passion or area of interest and create a final product unlike anything else they've done in school. 


Film Studies

Student filmmakers work on all kinds of projects, including documentaries, comedies, and film noir. The Marvelwood Film Studies productions continue to win awards for excellence and creativity.



Exploring biodiversity at Cocobolo Nature Reserve on a recent trip to Panama.

Community Service

In addition to our weekly Community Service Program on Wednesday mornings, Marvelwood hosts an annual Princess Tea party for Make-A-Wish CT.



Students set up and monitor purple martin houses as part of the Ornithology Program.


Round Square International

Round Square International is a worldwide network of 160 innovative schools in 40 countries across five continents. These schools, including Marvelwood, share a holistic approach to learning built around six principles known as the Pillars of Round Square.