Climate Action: Now or Never

Marvelwood sent a delegation of six students and one faculty member to a one-day Round Square virtual conference. Hosted by Chittagong Grammar School in Bangladesh, the theme of the conference was Climate Action: Now or Never

300 students and 51 delegations representing schools from around the world each prepared a short analytical presentation on topics including waste management, air pollution, food security, overpopulation, biodiversity, endangered oceans, ozone depletion, water scarcity, and urban sprawl. Marvelwood’s delegation presented on endangered forests. In Barazza break-out groups, participants had the opportunity for discussion, idea sharing, and action-planning. 

Some of our delegates' thoughts and take-aways:

Connor ‘22: 

One of the people in my Barazza group was representing Pakistan. He said: “By 2025, Pakastan will be out of water”. This one sentence just threw back. You don't think much about filling your water bottle or dumping out extra water or juice.  

Ashley ‘24: 

I liked learning about the different people and seeing what kinds of problems they were facing. In the U.S., we learn about other countries and what they face but never in the perspective of a citizen who lived there.  One thing I learned is that climate change and climate action rests on the shoulders of my generation. I think that with the technology that is being created, we can find ways to stop using cars and plastic to control what is put out into our Earth.

Brennan ‘22: 

One thing I got from this conference was climate change and how people can affect how the Earth will turn out in the years to come. It is up to us to decide if the earth stays green and blue, and not brown and filthy.

Aiden ‘23:

I was inspired by the number of people who attended the conference and were passionate about their topics.  One of the take-aways for me was to focus on recycling and using reusable and biodegradable items in the dining hall.


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