Shark Tank: The Marvelwood Edition

It was all about entrepreneurship in Mrs. Foote’s AP Economics class for a special project. Students paired up and had two weeks to develop a simple business plan for a hypothetical new business or service. They presented their plan to a panel of investors (‘Sharks’) for funding. 

Each team did a fantastic job pitching to the Sharks to invest in their business.  The four entrepreneurial teams included CrytoBang- a cryptocurrency mining company, Sunny Screen- creators of a vitamin D light installed in computers, FC AM Academy- a program to make high-level soccer training and competition economically accessible, and Fantastical Frames- developers of VR/ smart glasses. 

Special thank you to this year’s Sharks:

Bobby Love: Capitol 1, commercial banking division/ strategy and transformation team ("We work to develop  processes for big business to act/ operate like entrepreneurs.")

Dr. Raymond Maizel P’04, owner/operator of Candlewood Lake Veterinary Hospital ("I started when things were low-tech and have adapted to the high-tech nature of the business.")

Zach Maizel ‘04: Marvelwood Director of Athletics and currently acing a macro-economics class ("I am the biggest shark of all.")

Andrew Moore ‘14: Graduate of Clarkson University with a degree in innovation and entrepreneurship. During and after college, he's started three businesses and is currently helping his sister grow her graphic design business.  Andrew is currently in sales for SMC, a large Japanese conglomerate that makes everything from small pneumatic devices to large robotic manufacturing tools.  

Keith Moya ‘13: Graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in business management,  currently with Gambia nutritional, a leader in the premix chemical industry.

The Sharks participated via Zoom, except for Zach Maizel '04 who, as a faculty member, was able to participate in person. This was the second annual event. Last year, Shark Tank: The Marvelwood Edition was in February 2020 and was one of the very last times we welcomed visitors to campus! 

Team CryptoBang after enticing Mr. Maizel to invest in their crytocurrentcy company


Team Sunny Screen


Team FC AM Academy


Team Fantastical Frames