Math Modeling Competition

Four intrepid Marvelwood math students participated in the M3C, a nationwide competition for high school students. Over the course of a single weekend, registered teams have 14 consecutive hours to produce a twenty page solution paper. The 2019 Challenge Problem, One is too many and a thousand not enough: Substance Use and Abuse, was made available to participating teams at the start of their 14 hours.

On Saturday, March 1st at 8am, Max Foster '20, David Ma '20, Kyrie Mbonu '20, and Holly Schwinn '19 began their quest. Faculty member J.J. Hansen was the team coach, having competed in many math and a few physics challenges at college. He was excited to bring the experience to Marvelwood students. The team divided their tasks and worked throughout the day, taking breaks for meals and lots of snacks. At 10:30pm, well before their time was up, they hit the button to submit their completed Challenge Problem. 

Six finalist teams will be invited to New York City to present their paper and receive awards. Semi-finalist prizes will be awarded to teams whose papers were highly ranked and underwent in-depth, specific discussion by judges, but missed making it into the top six. Honorable mention prizes are awarded to teams whose papers are judged to be worthy of recognition for their superior efforts. The yearly M3 Challenge, first started in 2006 and organized by SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), seeks to "spotlight applied mathematics as a powerful problem-solving tool and as a viable and exciting profession. Participating students are encouraged to explore and bolster their mathematical modeling know-how to position themselves for success."

Congratulations to the Marvelwood M3C Team. We're very proud of your hard work!

Hear Coach Hansen and Holly Schwinn '19 talk about the challenge on YouTube.