Hayley Ahouse joins the World Languages Department to teach Spanish

When I graduated from St. Lawrence University, I knew that I wanted to work at a boarding school. Growing up, I was fortunate to attend Rumsey Hall School from fifth grade through ninth grade, and then the Westminster School.  I have always cherished the small community that boarding schools have to offer. As a teacher, the small class size allows me to give my students individual attention. As a faculty member at Marvelwood, I have been able to forge meaningful and close relationships with students as well as other faculty.  Moreover, the private school atmosphere has always provided a bedrock of support for me in times of need. When my mother passed away from cancer when I was eight years old, the Rumsey Hall community took me in under their wing to help me through the experience. When I had my son, Leo, I was fearful of motherhood because I lacked the guidance of a mother growing up.  The care and support of the Marvelwood community, however, quickly eliminated these fears At Marvelwood, I have an extensive network of trusted colleagues and new friends who offer advice and help me be a good mother to Leo. Growing up as a faculty kid in the Marvelwood community has been extremely beneficial for Leo’s social and personal development. Leo is constantly exposed to a diverse array of people and social settings, be it at the dining hall, athletic events, or just walking around campus.  This exposure helps foster Leo’s behavioral development and facilitates his process of neuro-plasticity. I will forever be grateful to Marvelwood Community for all of the opportunities and care that it has provided to me and my family since we arrived in July.