Drone On!

Applying Trigonometric Functions: Students in Honors Precalculus used drone technology for two different measurement projects

With experienced drone pilot Able Zhou ‘18 flying his drone in the classroom, students were assigned to analyze its propeller movements using trigonometric functions. Students also graphed the trigonometric functions reflecting the speed of the propellers’ movement.

With his classmates waving, Able Zhou '18 (far left)
flies the drone in the classroom
Antony Guntert '19 & Honors Precalc teacher Heni Foote work on calculations

Calculating the Area of Lucy’s Pond

Taking the drone outside, students were assigned to calculate the area of Lucy’s Pond through ratio analysis of drone photographs. The class set up the angle and height of the drone position to get the best picture of the pond, and measured the length of the pond on the ground as a real measurement base. The area of the pond was then calculated based on the ration of the picture to the real measurement.


The Assignments



Honors Precalculus student at Lucy's Pond with their teacher, 
Mathematics Department Chair Heni Foote