Field Trips

The world is a Marvelwood student's classroom. While deep immersion in academics takes place on campus, regular field trips and learning excursions bring to life and support what is learned in the classroom. Faculty members and students regularly visit museums, participate in hands-on learning in the field, and, of course, enjoy plenty of optional outings on weekends and during scheduled school breaks. The area immedialy surrounding the School is a treasure trove for environmental learning, and within the community, there is a rich arts presence which includes regional theater, art galleries and exhibitions.


Project Oceanology, Groton, CT

Yale Model United Nations

Marvelwood sent its tenth delegation to the Yale Model United Nations, hosted by Yale University in January 2019. There were over 1800 delegates from 110 schools from around the country and the world at the annual conference.

Weeks before the conference, delegates conduct research on their assigned countries and write position papers on various international topics, which are submitted to Model UN moderators. At the conference, delegates participate in panel discussions on a wide range of topics including global warming, terrorism, women’s rights, drones, and government corruption.