Community Service

We have heart.

Honesty, respect, responsibility, and service are more than nice ideas here: they’re living, breathing entities that influence every day at Marvelwood. In fact, we’re continually putting these values to use. For us, community service isn’t an afterthought; it’s dedicated weekly time for each student to volunteer through a yearlong commitment with a local cause. Not only is this good for our community—it’s good for our students. At Marvelwood, awareness, compassion, and generosity become a natural way of life that will forever be a part of who you are. 

The School’s devotion to service dates to its earliest years, when Marvelwood’s founders recognized the importance of lending a hand to the school’s neighbors. Over the years, this commitment has grown to involvement in a network of more than 20 service organizations on and off campus. Students choose from a variety of projects with a blend of hands-on labor and professional pursuits, and is a part of every student's weekly curriculum, each Wednesday. In addition, the senior class participates in a service trip each year just prior to graduation, and Marvelwood has established a relationship with a school in rural Panama for international community outreach.

Current Community Service options reflect long-established service relationships in the region, as well as on-campus assignments. As they work, students gain an awareness of the world outside the classroom. They also begin to recognize their individual skills and talents, and see how those talents can have a positive impact on those around them.

Marvelwood intends that serving the community will become a way of life for our students. Both the School’s Core Values: Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Service to Others, and the Round Square IDEALS, espouse the importance of community outreach and support.

Please contact the Community Service Director Joanna Tucker P'19 with any questions about the program.

Sign Up for Community Service for the 2021-2022 School Year:

Community Service Form


Community Service in the Time of COVID

For the fall term, all community service is taking place on campus. We very much look forward to getting back to our many off-campus placements when guidelines allow, but in the meantime, there's much to do on campus!

  • Admission Support
  • Blueberry orchard
  • CASA
  • Construction clean-up
  • Critter care
  • Doss Fledglings 
  • Halls and walls
  • Helping Hands
  • Remote Community Service
  • Kids Corner
  • Maintenance support
  • Marvelwood Garden
  • Pterodactyl Times student newspaper
  • Recycling
  • Trailblazers
  • Video Explorations Program


Spotlight on: CASA

The Cultural and Social Awareness (CASA) Community Service group works together to help the Marvelwood community develop an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  CASA works to bring education and discussion to the wider school community through on-campus activism work.

Expectations of CASA members:

  • Be a role model in the community
  • Be an ally to all those who face systemic oppression due to their social identities 
  • Be an active bystander
  • Be respectful to all faculty and students 
  • Be present, share knowledge, and spread compassion 
  • Educate others in the community 

Serving the Community

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In a Regular Year....

International Service to the Community: Panama

The children in the village of La Zahina and their teacher, Petra, have become special friends with Marvelwood students over the years as part of our bi-annual Panama Trip. The highlight of each year's trip is the day spent at the La Zahina school doing crafts, sharing experiences and swimming in the Chagres River together. Miss Doss and the Marvelwood Community have raised money for school supplies, a library, as well as to help La Zahina students continue their schooling past Grade 6, when public school ends for most children in the rural parts of Panama.