College Application Timeline

Junior Year: Begin your college search process!

  • Register for the March SAT .
  • Request information from colleges on your list and start organizing materials.
  • Visit the College Counseling office to help you in the selection process.
  • When selecting your senior courses, continue to challenge yourself.
  • Visit colleges over Spring Break.
  • Register your Naviance account.
  • Attend a spring college fair.
  • Register for the May and/or June SAT I and SAT II Subject Tests.
  • Look into summer employment.
  • Continue to evaluate colleges and start narrowing down your choices.
  • Attend the college counseling presentation during Spring Family Weekend
  • Take SATs and AP exams (if appropriate).
  • Consider enrolling in an academic summer course at a local college, pursuing a summer school program
  • or working as a volunteer.
  • Plan college visits with your family.
  • Visit colleges, take tours, set up interviews, etc.
  • Register for the Common Application after August 1st.
  • Pick an essay topic and do a first draft of the all-important personal essay.
  • Continue to refine your list and separate reach, middle and safety schools.

Senior Year: Apply to Colleges – Make Decisions!

  • Register for the Common Application if you didn't already in August.
  • Log onto Naviance and sign the FERPA agreement and input your Common Application
    username and password.
  • Review materials you receive from the College Counseling office during Senior College Seminars.
  • Register for fall SATs and/or ACTs .
  • Meet with your college counselor to review your college list and discuss your academic and personal record.
  • Plan visits to colleges for Open House sessions and/or personal interviews.
  • Attend the Fall Family Weekend college counseling presentation.
  • Take the SAT I and/or ACTs.
  • Attend the Danbury College Fair.
  • Gather the information necessary for applications and get them done.
  • Ask for letter of recommendations from teachers, advisors and coaches.
  • CHECK DEADLINES!! If you are applying Early Decision (ED), applications must be completed now.
  • Take SAT I or II and remember to have your scores sent to colleges on your list.
  • Keep your grades up!
  • Your college essay and the Common Application should be done by now.
  • Access online the new copy of the FAFSA if needed.
  • Take SAT I, SAT II , or ACT . Remember to have copies of your scores sent to the colleges on your list. Many Early Action (EA) deadlines are in December.
  • Keep working hard! Senior grades are important.
  • We will send mid-year grades to those schools that request them. If you receive letters or emails with this request be sure to forward them to College cCounseling.
  • Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st to be eligible for financial aid. Individual school deadlines vary.
  • Monitor your applications making sure all materials have been sent and received.
  • Watch out for senioritis!
  • Notify all schools by May 1st about your final decision.
  • Share your decision with your college counselor and the School Registrar so that your final transcript and proof of graduation can be sent.
  • Enjoy graduation!

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