Capstone is an elective year-long student-driven project for juniors.  Capstone at Marvelwood is meant to be an opportunity for students to explore a passion or area of interest and to create a final product unlike anything else they've done in school.  The final product is rarely a research paper or PowerPoint presentation.  Instead, students are able to create working prototypes of inventions, documentary films, 'zines, art pieces, web pages, apps, or anything they can imagine.  The rigorous process requires self-motivation as students work independently most of the time. 

Marvelwood's Capstone program is in collaboration with Skills21 at EdAdvance, and supervised by former faculty member Dr. Elizabeth Radday, who is now a research specialist with EdAdvance. Students meet weekly with Dr. Elizabeth Radday and are encouraged to find a mentor with expertise in the area of their project.  Throughout the Capstone course, students create their own websites and keep an active and live blog. Students give final presentations to faculty members and peers and have other opportunities to share their work with the community.  Capstone projects help students stand out in the college admissions process since they have a website they can share with potential colleges and can speak in depth about a subject.  Additionally, students note that through this process they develop many of the crucial college and work skills such as creativity, managing ambiguity, overcoming obstacles, persistence, time management, and prioritization. Juniors are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore a topic of their choice and produce a final product that is different from most traditional academic coursework

Capstone is open to all juniors. For information about participating for the 2019-2020 school year, contact the Academic Office.


Marvelwood's Inaugural Capstone Projects, May 2019


Behind the Flips

by Jack Gersten '20

Gen Z 'Zine

by Kyrie Mbonu '20

Lighting up the Music

by David Ma '20

Agricultural Algorithm

By Ian White '20

Ian's Capstone Project
(website in production)