Researching Raven Exhibits at Cornell

Odin Beardsley '20, Lee Mashburn '19, Olivia Pignataro '21, Oliver Sanchex '20, and Round Square exchange student Charlie Oldfield are taking the lead in designing Raven Exhibits (interactive sound Recording and Acoustic Visualization Environment), featuring the Macedonia Forest Block Important Bird Area in Kent and Kent Land Trust's Audrey and Robert Tobin Preserve. The exhibits will be located at locations in Kent such as the Kent Memorial Library, where all members of the community will be able to learn more about the incredible biodiversity which exists in our town.

On the field trip to Cornell, students had the opportunity to work with Ashakur Rahaman from Cornell University's Bioacoustics Research Program to learn more about Raven Exhibits and how best to customize their projects. They were also treated to a 'Behind the Science' tour at the lab.

Learn more about the Raven Exhibit Project and the Macedonia Important Bird Area.

Student Blog

by Olivia Pignataro '21 and Charlie Oldfield (far left and second from left, above)

Cornell - 4/8/19 - We started the day with an early breakfast then hit the road. Because our car was so small, we had a standing joke: ”Oliver, get in the trunk!” every time we got in the car (Oliver did not ride in the trunk). Our destination today was Sapsucker Woods at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. With the exception of Odin, we were all new to birding, so we had to learn how to use the binoculars and cameras to look for birds. First on our agenda was a walk around the three-quarter mile Wilson Trail where we took pictures of the different types of birds we saw. After about two hours of birding, we took a drive to Panera Bread for lunch, then drove to Cayuga Nature Center to see a six-story-tall treehouse. After the treehouse visit, we went back to the Lab to walk the trails and take more pictures, including an American Mink and some giant Snapping Turtles, which mating under the boardwalk! Finally we went inside where the group did a silhouette scavenger hunt and played around with Cornell’s Raven Exhibit so see how it works and come up with some questions for Ashik. We ended the day by trying to get ice cream, but a vegan protest at the Cornell Dairy Bar stopped us in our tracks; we decided we didn't want to get into a confrontation with people in cow suits, so we decided the local supermarket was just as good. Tomorrow, we will get a behind the scenes tour and speak with one of the scientists about our Raven Exhibit project!