Virtual Environmental Conference

Over spring break, a Marvelwood delegation attended a joint virtual conference, Creating a More Equitable and Inclusive Environmental Sector, hosted by the Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources and the Connecticut Outdoor and Environmental Education Association.  The conference featured dynamic workshops, speakers, and panel discussions.  Three students- Brennan ‘22,  Aiden ‘23, and Olivia ‘21- and Science Department Chair Laurie Doss, presented their independent study research projects, conducted as part of the University of Connecticut's Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA).  Marvelwood students have participated in NRCA environmental programs for many years, including the Conservation Ambassador Program and Conservation Training Partnerships, often working with local conservation organizations such as the Kent Land Trust.

The Projects

Do You Have What it Takes to Customize A Raven Exhibit
Olivia '21 and her collaborators worked with researchers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for over a year. They started out having intending to create a Raven exhibit for the local community, a customizable sound visualization and recording system designed to engage visitors. The group quickly realized, however, that by documenting the process, they could help others by creating a how-to guide. Presentation poster

Noctural Lullabies: Our Journey to Listen to Bats in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut
In the summer of 2019, Aiden and Science Department Chair Laurie Doss surveyed and documented different bat species in the area, to raise awareness about the importance of bats in the community.  Their research was used by the Connecituct Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP); they were also asked to help identify a rare bat species captured at a local nature center. Presentation poster

Swallowed in Kent
Brennan '21 began working on his year-long project last summer. COVID guidelines were in place and training with Uconn researchers was virtual, but Brennan persevered! Presentation poster















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