Creating the Perfect (Nutritious) Popsicles

Students in Dr. Hunt's Scientific Literacy, Health & Human Biology class completed a delicious assignment: The Popsicle Project

Starting in the fall term, students were tasked with creating a healthy and appealing popsicle. Teams of students worked to define what healthy meant, create their own healthy recipes, and determine roles and responsibilities within their group to produce their product.  

After much research and many ideations, students presented their final product at a taste-testing for fellow students, faculty, and members of the community. Holistic Nutritionist Ann Sherwood, who helped guide the project, was on hand for the final taste-testing. Each team offered samples as well as an explanation of their process and how they arrived at their recipe. The popsicles were as delicious as it was well-presented. While strawberry was the common ingredient, a wide variety of other ingredients, including coconut milk, honey, maple syrup, and whole lemon slices, made each of the five recipes uniquely tasty. The winning popsicle, "Pop It Up" by Neena Chawla '23 (right) and CT Jin '22 (center, bottom) was a combination of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut. Congratulations to all of the popsicle creators!