How can your personal concern for the environment improve your paper on the Industrial Revolution? How does one of the rare western European portraits of Saladin belie his reputation as a cruel and tyrannical leader? What can you tell about a “victim" by the historical artifacts surrounding his “remains" in the archeological dig that was waiting for you on the floor in your World History classroom this morning? How are the “irrational" ideas of Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche reflected in the advent of the Impressionist movement in art? Do you have a soul? How has 9/11 shaped culture, society, and policy?

These are the kinds of questions our teachers are asking every day in History classes at Marvelwood. Your teacher might show up in class to discuss the Crusades wearing a chain-mail headpiece, or you might be trudging together through the woods following the contours of a topographical map. Rather than just reading about how one side outflanked the other in a critical Civil War battle, you're suiting up and crouching behind a tree in a local reenactment. Today you're a 1940s art critic reviewing Picasso's latest show, tomorrow you're part of the Albanian delegation at the Model United Nations at Yale University; and next week you'll be boiling down tree sap using period tools in an authentic sugaring shack. Off-campus field trips and out-of-classroom experiences which spark curiosity and an awareness of history in the making are important parts of the curriculum.

Old meets new: students in Mr. White's freshman World History class use smart phones and tablets to research items in the annual 'archaeological dig', looking for clues and information about origins of the artifacts and their place in history.

Yale Model United Nations

Marvelwood sent its tenth delegation to the Yale Model United Nations, hosted by Yale University in January 2018. There were over 1800 delegates from 110 schools from around the country and the world at the annual conference.

Weeks before the conference, delegates conduct research on their assigned countries and write position papers on various international topics, which are submitted to Model UN moderators. At the conference, delegates participate in panel discussions on a wide range of topics including global warming, terrorism, women’s rights, drones, and government corruption.

The keynote speakers at the 2018 conference were Blair Miller, co-founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital, an emerging markets sustainable investment fund, and Chase Sova, Director of Public Policy and Research for World Food Program USA, a charity that fights hunger worldwide.

Imagine a place of possibility...

The Marvelwood School's History Department is committed to providing students with an understanding of the lessons of history so that they may comprehend, evaluate, and appreciate the triumphs and mistakes of our ancestors. The study of history offers concrete knowledge of past events as well as the opportunity to examine the role of humans in shaping and reacting to complex transformational periods. The History curriculum is designed to promote and encourage intellectual curiosity and a diversity of viewpoints. Faculty employ a wide variety of teaching methods to support learners of all abilities, enabling each student to combine effort with imagination in working to achieve success or even to surpass their own expectations. Our overarching goal is to help students become forward-looking individuals who are equipped with the knowledge, perspective, and motivation to reflect upon their own actions, beliefs and choices within a broader context.


The Marvelwood School History Department

Valentin Dumitrascu P'19

Valentin Dumitrascu P'19

Titles: Chair, Humanities Department
Departments: World Languages, History, Humanities
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Heni Foote

Titles: Chair, Mathematics Department
Departments: History, Mathematics, Economics
Glenn Sanchez P'18, '19

Glenn Sanchez P'18, '19

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Departments: History, Advancement
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Dennis White

Titles: Technical Director, Drama Department
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