Inspiration is everywhere. 

Our students explore their passions, discover beyond their imaginations, grow beyond their expectations, and achieve their own definition of exceptional.

Discover Marvelwood and discover what inspires you.

Who is a Marvelwood Student?

You can succeed here because you can be you here.

Come as you are or become who you want. Either way, we want you to just be you. Our students experience the freedom to be who they are, and they love it. We have something special here and it’s a culture of teens who demonstrate unwavering kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and loyalty to one another. For our students it’s simply life at Marvelwood. For the adults who witness it, it’s awe-inspiring.

Who benefits from a small school experience? Everyone.

Some call our school small; we call it transformative. Our founders established Marvelwood as a small school for students who may not have thrived in a larger school setting. It’s our size that allows us to create Marvelwood Magic. It allows us to know our students—to really know their intricacies and interests—so that we may create individual approaches to their learning that will most deeply resonate, inspire, and engage. Our small school? It happens to make a very large impact on our students.

What’s Marvelwood really like? It’s, well,...real.

Real people. Real relationships. Real learning. There are no fronts or airs here. Instead, we offer a welcoming embrace. We are a community of genuine, considerate individuals who share a deep appreciation of one another’s diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value opportunities to learn from one another through community conversations, community support, and community celebrations. We understand that while our differences may define us, our appreciation of one another unites us—and that is at the heart of who we are.


  • Strong motivation to succeed academically, extracurricularly and socially.

  • Varied interests, and a desire to participate in extracurricular activities.

  • An understanding of the value of community service and a desire to contribute to his/her school and community.

  • A willingness to be challenged both academically and personally.

  • The ability to appreciate individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, with different talents and interests, and an eagerness to be part of a diverse, global, and familial school community.


  • A unique personal story
  • A deep desire for a new kind of community
  • A non-traditional learning style
  • A language-based or math-based learning difference, executive functioning issues diagnosed in psycho-educational testing, or suspected learning differences.

  • A need for learning or organizational support or academic accommodations.