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A learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your individual style. Imagine a supportive community of students and teachers where you'll tackle exciting challenges and discover passions that will change your life.

Building Confidence – Changing Lives

Who is a Marvelwood Student?

The student most likely to find academic, social, and personal success at Marvelwood is a young man or woman who is both motivated to achieve in a college preparatory curriculum and enthusiastic about taking an active role in a vibrant and diverse educational, athletic, extracurricular and residential setting. Our program is challenging, supportive, and encouraging of individual learning styles.

With 130 students, the school is small enough for everybody to know everybody else. That also means that every person plays an important role in the life of the school. Students can find roles they are comfortable in as well as responsibilities that challenge them. You learn who you really are, and how easily that identity can be expanded, through a wide variety of opportunities and a deep sense of belonging. Marvelwood is an intimate community that celebrates each student’s individuality while constantly reinforcing the warmth and security of a family-like atmosphere.

The school is exceptionally proud of its diversity: our student body is made up of young people from all over the world, with different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. You live and work with people from all over the world. In getting to know them and their many differences, you’ll also discover how much you have in common. We encourage our students to learn from each other’s experiences and beliefs in order to build a common and evolving school character.

Marvelwood’s students are fiercely proud of their school. Many students and faculty report that they chose Marvelwood because, when they visited, they could see themselves here when they couldn’t see themselves anywhere else. The intimacy of the school community validates that initial sense of belonging, creating a deep sense of ownership that is obvious to outsiders. An independent commission charged with evaluating Marvelwood’s program for re-accreditation in 2018 rated the experience of the students “exemplary” and commended the school “for creating an environment where students, alumni, and current and past parents continually express their love of the school, the faculty, and the Marvelwood community. There is a genuine, deep gratitude from the parents and students for the gifts of confidence, success and hope that the students gain from being members of the Marvelwood community.”


  • Strong motivation to succeed academically, extracurricularly and socially.

  • A desire to go on to college.

  • Varied interests, and a desire to participate in extracurricular activities.

  • An understanding of the value of community service and a desire to contribute to his/her school and community.

  • A willingness to be challenged both academically and personally.

  • The ability to appreciate individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, with different talents and interests, and an eagerness to be part of a diverse, global, and familial school community.


  • Struggled, under-achieved, or failed to reach potential in other school settings.

  • A non-traditional learning style.

  • A language-based or math-based learning difference, executive functioning issues diagnosed in psycho-educational testing, or suspected learning differences.

  • A need for learning or organizational support or academic accommodations.