Cornwall Prism Day:
Reflections of a veteran faculty member

Each September, Cornwall Prism Day brings new students to the site of Marvelwood’s original campus to learn about the early days of the School. Veteran faculty members and faculty who were students on the old campus join me to lead a tour through the quiet village of Cornwall.

When Marvelwood was in Cornwall, the yearbook was called The Prism. From its founding in 1956 until it moved to Skiff Mountain in Kent in 1995, The Marvelwood School called the nearby Village of Cornwall its home. Dorms were converted homes around the village, the main school building was a former estate, playing fields were scattered around the area, and facilities were scarce. There was no gym, the dining hall was a converted barn, and the art building was a greenhouse.  It was in many ways a perfect environment for a school. A lot of time was spent out of doors, playing hockey on the flooded tennis court, hiking up Coltsfoot Mountain, biking down the valley, and skiing at Mohawk Mountain. After 39 years, however, we came to outgrow our much-loved campus. We needed more dorms, more facilities, and more space to spread out, which just wasn't possible in Cornwall. In the summer of 1995, the School was packed up and moved to our current home on Skiff Mountain, site of the former Kent School girls' campus. In September, students and their families were welcomed to a very different Skiff Mountain campus than what we have now, especially after last summer's dorm and science lab renovations!

For me, Prism Days are important in preserving and honoring the unique history of our school. The Cornwall campus was a school environment unlike any other, and we’re proud to share that experience with future generations of Marvelwood alumni. 

-Glenn Sanchez P ’18,‘19
Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations

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Graduations were held at the Congregational church when the School was in Cornwall


Calhoun- the main building and heart of the School


At the top of the majestic Coltsfoot Valley across the street from Calhoun