Celebrating 60 years of graduates!

In 2016, we began two years of celebrations, marking 60 years as a school. With the Commencement of the Class of 2018 in May, we welcomed our 60th graduating class to the Alumni Community. Marvelwood’s first students began their journey in September of 1956. Two years later, the School welcomed its first alumni when four young men, the Class of 1958, graduated. The Class of 2018 was co-ed, quite a bit larger and far more diverse, yet the essence of the journey remains the same.

Located in the Village of Cornwall at the top of the stunning Coltsfoot Valley for its first 39 years, Marvelwood now makes its home on top of Skiff Mountain in Kent, an equally beautiful site just 12 miles from the original campus. In the 23 years since the School left Cornwall, the student body has grown from 90 to 140.  In Kent, the School has more buildings, more space, more fields, more faculty, and more buses. In the 62 years since Robert Bodkin started admitting students, the Mission Statement has been updated, core values have been defined, and programs have been expanded; what remains the same is the thread that weaves through Marvelwood’s 60+ years.  The School has always been a place that supports, challenges, and encourages its students, fostering deep feelings of belonging and caring for one another. This sense of community and purpose enriches each student’s time on campus, and continues to guide them after graduation.

Clockwise: Class of 1958, Class of 2018, Class of 2018 with two members of the Class of 1958 at Commencement 5/26/18

Mission Statement

The Marvelwood School provides an affirmative environment in which students develop strong core values, empathy, a respect for diversity, and an appreciation for the value of service to others.

A Marvelwood education empowers graduates to become creative, resilient, mindful, and confident young adults ready to meet the challenges of higher learning, the workplace, and a rapidly-changing world.