World Languages

The strengths of Marvelwood's World Languages department lie in the flexibility, energy and creativity of its faculty, who are dedicated to making language study interesting, engaging and fun. Our teachers are actively involved in seeking out the most effective ways to make foreign language as accessible as possible to the widest array of students.

In some sense, World Languages is an ideally interdisciplinary subject, as games, audiovisual activities, songs, food, history, geography, literature, art and cultural studies are all fundamental elements of the curriculum and allow for a variety of teaching methodologies. Students at all levels enjoy both feature films as well as training videos and computer-based review in the target language. They learn basic geography and relevant history and discuss cultural differences. In recent years, members of the department have coordinated field trips to museums and dance performances, organized cross-curricular projects with the Art and History departments, chaperoned trips to Spain and other destinations, cooked native dishes with students, organized an international night on campus, and employed TPRS storytelling methodologies.

The teachers apply their energy and creativity to foster their students' desire to learn foreign language not just to earn required credit, but as a necessary and enjoyable step in the process of becoming citizens of the world.

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Marvelwood’s World Languages department seeks to promote a supportive environment that empowers students to attain sufficient exposure to a language other than English and allows them to feel comfortable exploring and expressing themselves in a new language. Studying an unfamiliar language fosters and strengthens essential skills such as problem-solving, academic risk-taking, collaboration, critical thinking, and making connections between personal experience and a more global perspective. Our teachers actively look for creative ways in which to make language learning fun and engaging; employing a multi-sensory approach including role play, discussion, interactive video, conversation, and a variety of activities and games, we are able to boost our students’ confidence in their ability to be successful in their studies. More importantly, they develop a basic understanding of another culture, an appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity, and a deeper sense of their roles and responsibilities in an increasingly globalized world.


The Marvelwood School World Languages Department

Blythe Everett P'14,'16

Blythe Everett P'14,'16

Titles: Senior Dean for Academics and Curricular Development, World Languages Department Chair
Departments: English, World Languages, Academic Office
Liza Maizel

Liza Maizel

Titles: Assistant Director of Athletics
Departments: World Languages, Mathematics, Athletics

Keenia Shinagawa

Departments: World Languages
Peter Wade

Peter Wade

Departments: World Languages, Community Service