Academic Philosophy & Curriculum

At Marvelwood, we believe in accommodating abilities, talents, interests and learning styles as much as possible as students progress through our academic program. Curriculum is organized into the following academic divisions: English, Foreign Language, History and Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Arts, Learning Support, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Community Service plays an important role in Marvelwood's academic program as well.

The guiding principle which we express to students, advisors and parents regarding a student’s curriculum is that the goal should be success in a challenging curriculum. As a college preparatory school, we want our students to present well as they apply to colleges, and college admission officers want to see that students have challenged themselves. In other words, successful completion of a high school education is not and should not be based on completing a minimum of required courses or the lowest possible number of credits.

Customized Curriculum

All academic classes at Marvelwood are year-long courses. Elective courses are offered by the term, but many may be taken for one, two or three terms. The Academic Dean individually determines each student’s schedule based on course selection materials completed over the summer, and in conjunction with a review of each student’s file, transcript, and classes required for graduation. This customized curriculum approach ensures that each student progresses at a pace that is appropriate for him or her, individually.

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